Posted by: Drew | November 6, 2007

The Cultural Thermometer 11-6-2007

The Cultural Thermometer 11/6/2007Alright here is this week’s thermometer! In case you are wondering what I mean “this week’s thermometer,” let me quickly tell you! I decided, given that part of my job at the Seminary is to scour the news for issues of cultural import, that I would write a brief report of 3-5 interesting articles I came across. My focus is going to be on articles/news stories that Christians need to be aware of and ought to be able to respond to from a Christian worldview. I will try to post some things that are interesting that you may not have seen! So here is this weeks thermometer:

1. The Victims of Che Guevara: The Washington Times reports that the “Young America’s Foundation” has developed a new poster designed to teach college students the truth about the Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara. “The Victims of Che Guevara Poster, centers on a collage that uses tiny photos of those killed by Cuba’s communist regime to compose the face of the Marxist guerilla.” It has become increasingly common to see college students sporting Che Guevara T-shirts on America’s university campuses. Guevara was in charge of trying and executing the enemies of Fidel Castro and Communist Cuba–he literally executed hundreds if not thousands of innocent people in Cuba without fair trial–this is the kind of person American college students are idolizing! I applaud the YAF for trying to keep American college students from rewriting history.

2. Anti-doping chief warns on genetic cheating in sports: This article from the Financial Times reports that “Genetic manipulation will eventually dwarf drug-cheating as the main issue to confront sports, the outgoing chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency said yesterday.” Dick Pound said he was convinced scientists would make genetic development available to athletes within five or six years, allowing them to enhance performance by bulking up their bodies by up to 30 per cent.

This isn’t a new story–Scientists have been talking about the possibility of genetic doping for some time. I wanted to bring it up because I have a question for you. If genetic modification were to become legal, what would that do to competitive sports? I am asking you–by all means leave a comment with your answer!

3. Las Vegas Goes All Out to Attract Gay Travelers: Several Casinos in Las Vegas have begun marketing campaigns aimed at reaching the homosexual community. Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. started marketing to the gay and lesbian community 18 months ago after “research showed gay men spend an average of 30% more than their straight counterparts when traveling.” This ought to come as no surprise but it should serve as a healthy reminder that the gay community in America is not shrinking and has grown enough to be recognized by many businesses as a legitimate economic demographic to be reached. Such growth should challenge us to address homosexuality clearly with the gospel. As the homosexual movement grows, how can we be more faithful to reach homosexuals with the gospel? I think that is a question worth asking!

4. “Is God Keeping You from Going to Church?”: This is one of the questions posed in the new ad campaign of the UnitarianThe Cultural Thermometer 11/6/2007 Universalist Church. The Dallas Morning News reports that the Unitarian Universalist Association is “trying to raise its national profile” with the first ad campaign in its 47 year history. Ads will run in such prestigious magazines as Time! Rev. Tracey Robinson-Harris, the Assocation’s director of congregational services says that Unitarians have “messages that the world desperately needs right now . . . we are speaking up on behalf of a more tolerant, more affirming approach to the diversity of religious perspective in the world.” The Unitarian Universalist “church” ends up being nothing more than a social club and you don’t need to go to church to hear this message of acceptance–just read the New York Times or watch Oprah!



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