drew-and-jen-at-lynns-copy.jpgWell, my name is Drew Dixon and this is my personal blog. I also write on Elect Exiles blog with some great friends in the Lord. Though I am a mere beggar of mercy, I suppose I should tell you a little about me . . .

I love the Lord and His church and I hope this blog honors both. We live in a time when Christians need to think hard about how to live for the glory of Christ in a world that increasingly does not understand us. By the grace of God and under the authority of His Word, I hope this blog helps Christians think carefully about how we ought to live while on exile.

There isn’t much worth saying about me, but here are a few tidbits: I am a seminary student @ the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv Christian Ministry) in Louisville, KY, and hope to go into pastoral ministry in the near future. Yes that is my girl friend in the picture with me, her name is Jennifer and yes she is wonderful! Though I’m not certain where the Lord will lead me next, I simply am trying to trust Him and make decisions that magnify the glory of God through Jesus Christ.

The only thing that is really significant about me is not really about me at all but about God, who in His infinite mercy and lavish grace, chose to save me from His infinite wrath. I was ensalved to sin, but God freed me from sin and brought me to Himself by the blood of Christ. I am now free to glorify God and enjoy Him forever!

I currently work part-time as an intern for the Albert Mohler program so I hope to incorporate some of what I do there into the blog. I am interested in applying the gospel to our culture, everyday life, and most importantly, to the church. I love what I do at the seminary, but my heart is first and foremost for the church. Thus I hope to write posts that challenge and encourage the church of Jesus Christ to live more faithfully for the glory of Jesus.

If you are reading this, I hope that you will join in on the conversation here at While on Exile and I hope that this blog serves to strengthen you and encourage you during your exile on earth.



  1. Rit-dit-doo big Exile.

    Nice blog…I’ll be stopping here often. See you Thursday…at seminary and also to watch The Office.

    Brandon: Wow…how’d you make this blog?
    Drew: Well, I have a tool that no one else has…MY BRAIN. And I use it to my advantage…when advantageous.

  2. This is completely wild.

    I’ve used the expression, “We’re the same person,” quite a bit in conversation when myself and someone else agree on an issue, have the same reaction to something, make the same decision about something without prior communication, or have any other ridiculous similarity. But never before have I met someone who has shared my passion for serving and teaching God and Christ and also shared my own name!

    Let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m currently a high school senior who is heading off to Abilene Christian University next year to major in Christian Ministries. God showed me years ago that He wanted me use my life to teach others about Him. I am also a songwriter. I seek to express myself through my music and because God breathed life into me His glory works its way into my music.

    I too have a blog which I write on every so often and hope to share my experiences with others as a way to show them God and His glory. We should keep in touch, share God together, and our names too.

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